Veronica is a Psychology student in USC. She always had this love for fashion ever since she was still a kid. She never thought of making her own blog, but ever since she started reading Camille Co's blog, she got inspired and wanted to be a blogger. Her blog is a mixture of her everyday adventures and her take on fashion. She loves to explore and take risks when it comes to fashion and she also loves to design clothes in her spare time. In the young age of 17, She is pretty certain of what she wanted to do in the future, which is to be involved in fashion. For her, Fashion doesn't always have to cost a lot because she believes that looking good always depends on the person wearing it. Confidence makes the woman more beautiful.

She is a beginner in the world of blogging but she is very eager to learn, & hopefully to inspire everyone reading her blog. She wants to show the world What fashion is for her & how style can change your life.
She hopes you would be one with her in her journey to becoming a better blogger and Fashion Enthusiast. May you guys enjoy her blog and feel free to comment on her posts so she will know what you guys think of her blog. Thank you for stopping by and may you come back again :)


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