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Hey Guys!  Have you all heard about this awesome brand called  Bonobos? Well if you haven't you should definately check them out! For their Fall collection I was challenged to come up with an outfit or a style-board that would complement some of the looks from their new Fall Collection of Men's suits. Of course, I took on that amazing challenge!

Happy go lucky

Hey guys! It's been awhile haha. Today is the official start of a new semester fun! (sarcastic voice here) haha. It's time to bid farewell to our beds and vacas and start saying hello to books and teacers. Huuhhh. I may not be too excited about that but I'm still looking forward to meeting new people and classmates haha. Decided to post these photos wherein I was extremely happy and excited. Haayy these were the days. Of course on an awesome day like this I decided to wear something feminine and something that is very age appropriate. Here I'm wearing an off-shoulder top which is a must have this year and a simple flowy brown skirt which practically goes well with almost anything. I don't always wear clothes that are too feminine but that day was so perfect that I thought "hey, why not wear something that fits this awesome weather, right?" Of course I wore a simple rubber sandal to compliment my effortless look which makes it look more comfortable and si…