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On a friday afternoon

Hello my dear readers! Yes, I know it's been a while since my last update but here I am! :) these days I have been quite busy with school work and watching a bunch of dramas. Haha (nerdy alert) I miss posting here so now I decided to post about my recent outfit. Which is actually very casual and appropriate for teenagers like myself ;)

Floral printed tops are extremely popular these days so of course I won't let myself be last in this kind of trend would I? Haha 
midrib tops these are also a must have this year. And you f course if you're from a bit conservative country like me. Or you're just not ready yet to walk along the streets with your tummy fully on display, you can pair it off with some high waisted shorts like what I did. This way, you  won't have to worry about some baby fats showing. ;) this is a really short post I know. Forgive me? I'll do better next time guys :)