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I know what you guys think, I also wish summer wouldn't end so soon! It really breaks my heart to know that a few weeks from now, summer will officially end! what makes it even worse is the fact that I haven't really done anything productive during my summer break. I am also really excited to start the a new school year. I'm actually thinking of ways to make school more interesting and appealing to me so that I would enjoy this school year even more. This time, I'll try to be more cooperative when it comes to school activities because last year, I rarely get involve with school activities, I even skipped out on our Acquaintance Party last year haha. but not this year! haha. I will exert more effort this year! Well enough about that, before the end of summer, make sure you guys spend at least one whole day with your family! because summer is not only about going to the beach and having fun, it's also the perfect time for us to be with the people we love, w…

One lazy afternoon

Long time no post! haha. I know I haven't been an active blogger. I apologize dear readers! It's just that I was having so much fun watching a bunch of tv series in the internet that I became too lazy to blog. hehe. my apologies :) but hey, I'm back!

           I don't really leave the house often because we just moved here and I don't really know many people here so most of the time I stay at home and play with my dog. :D You might be wondering why I'm dressed that way, We just finished buying some stuff so I had a reason to kinda dress up ;) As you can see I'm wearing my most comfortable clothes. Since it's summer, I chose a simple outfit appropriate for this kind of weather. You should never be afraid to show some skin! just don't overdo it and always apply sunblock to protect your skin :)

     I'm not really into pets, but this guy is the only exception! I spent the afternoon playing with him,walking him and feeding him but I never get tired…