Friday, March 29, 2013


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sometime this month, I went to SM city cebu northwing to witness a Fashion Show by Forever 21 and Vaseline. It was such an impressive show, very well thought out. Sadly, I wasn't able to get inside for it was invite only and there were limited seats inside, fortunately, it was an open show and I was standing really close to the entrance so the stage was really near. haha :)  
The show kicked off at about 5 pm hosted by the one and only Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry. I was actually pretty shocked when they announced the Host because I had no idea it was karla Henry and before the show, she was just standing in front of us for a super long time and I had no fricken idea!. Of course she was beautiful and Fabulous as always. When the show finally started, Karla talked about the colaboration between the two well known brands, Forever 21 and the leading brand when it comes to skin care, Vaseline. When the models started walking out, I was pretty impressed on how lively and how well they present the products, I literally wanted to go to F21 and buy the pieces that stood out to me.

And did I mention how girls and gays drooled over the hot male models ? haha sorry guys but I don't have a picture of the male models, I don't wanna look like a perv :D 
I apologize for the low quality photos not using a DSLR camera here. haha. here are some photos of me during the fashion show. I chose a simple combo. basic top with hanging back and some skaters skirt matched with my favorite studded gold flats :)

     +Forever 21    top, random brand skaters skirt , bought in australia belt and SO F.A.B! flats.