Thursday, March 28, 2013

17 and loving it!

Last March 22, I celebrated my birthday with my college friends. It was such a surreal moment because it was my first time to celebrate my birthday here in Cebu and my first time to celebrate without my friends since elementary. The day started off the usual, I went to school for my exams (which by the way was really really hard!) and after that, me and my friends prepared ourselves for an afternoon filled with adventure! I'm the type of girl who loves outdoor activities, the only problem is I easily get tired (hehe ;) ). Since I live in the City, I never thought I would find a place that fits perfectly to my description, but when I heard about Rainforest Park Cebu, I got so excited, immediately I knew Where I would spend my birthday. 

 As you can see all of us are in our most comfortable clothes, eager to start our adventure!

 Of course, before we start our adventure, we had to pay first. haha what can I say, FUN doesn't come cheap. What's worse, I paid for everything! haha I'm not really complaining cause it was all worth it :)

safety first!

After putting on our safety gears, we headed upstairs to start our adventure!

First up was the SHORT zipline :)

  followed by a walk in the rope bridge

 Then. there was one of the most difficult one of all, but of course I managed to walk in it with style!

 The catwalk was up next

This would probably be the most EXHAUSTING one! haha it goes on forever! I was sweating so much after this one.

 Finally, I finished it and headed to another rope bridge thingy

it was n;ow time for the wall climbing! we were pretty tired after all that, but we managed to smile :)

A picture of me climbing.
and falling down haha. with style of course ;)
 they offered us to try the zipline once again, but we were too exhausted and hungry so we refused the kind offer. haha. After that fun and tiring adventure, we all changed of course being the birthday girl, I just had to wear a dress ;)
 We ate pizza after but we were all too tired to take pictures. haha over all it was one of the best birthdays I ever had. :) Thank you Rainforest Park!
and for those who are curious about my outfit. +Forever 21 dress and primadonna flats.